VMC (Video Messenger Company) was formed in 1989 as a sports promotions company using TV's to communicate messages and advertisements to the sports bar market. The company became recognized as a quality manufacturer of television based point-of-purchase (POP) electronic display and presentation devices. This success led VMC into a wide variety of vertical markets that needed an automatic way to communicate with their customers, guests and residents.

Today, Video Messengers are in use in more than 40,000 locations worldwide. Our clients include hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities, bars and restaurants, retail stores, cable & satellite companies as well as condominium and apartment complexes. All our message generators are USER FRIENDLY, PACKED WITH FEATURES, COMMERCIAL QUALITY AND REASONABLY PRICED.

The Video Messenger has become a true industry standard for performance and durability. Many of our early units (VM-1, VM-1C, VM-1FS, VM-2, VM-2NU and VM-3) are still in the field performing well 5, 10 and 15 years after being manufactured. Video Messengers have proven to be solid state work horses in any commercial application they are found. The recent introduction of the VM4 HD has brought High Definition communication capabilities that allow users to have truly professional displays. Thousands of units can now be controlled through LAN's and the Internet. If you need to automate your communication with customers, guests, residents or the public over your own television sets, the Video Messenger is your most cost effective choice. The newly introduced VM4, DV4, DV4 HD and DV5 Series Pro Multimedia Players now bring a moderately priced variety of products to the market that allows you to quickly and easily add PowerPoint files, Jpeg images and Mpeg video to fully compliment your informational presentation. With VMC Manager Express Software, you can play your files in an repeating loop or schedule each file by day of week and time of day down. These new, easy to use products will have a significant impact on the bottom line of bars, restaurants, hotels, condo's and many other users who need an inexpensive solution to their communication needs.