DV4 HD5 Pro Multimedia Player

(with built in WI-FI)

Now anyone who can use PowerPoint® can be a master producer of the DV4 HD5 Pro presentation system. And the system comes with more than 400+ PowerPoint® backgrounds and 15+ Holiday Videos for your use

HD5 Pro Image
  • HD5 Pro Multimedia Player
  • DVD with UI Software, 400+ PPT backgrounds and 15 Holiday Video Snippets
  • 8 GB  Internal Flash Memory
  • External Power Supply with 6 ft power cable
  • 6 FT HDMI Cable
  • IP Streaming Enabled
  • Compatible Vesa Mount build in
  • Mounting Velcro
  • Wi-Fi  Antenna with built in WI-FI
  • 90 day free phone support
  • Free weekly training webinars        
  • One year warranty (parts & labor)

Download HD5 Pro Literature

More about DV4 HD5 Series

The DV4 HD5 Series are an industrial grade 1080p digital sign system. With Android OS, this easy to use network appliance is designed for local and remote operation, scheduling, and management of all media and HTML 5 content.

It is a dedicated solid-state solution that eliminates the hazards of virus infections, system crashes and other limitations of PC-based solutions. It allows video play back of a large variety of video types in addition to Jpeg and PNG images and PowerPoint files. The built in HTML 5 technology allows you to play back an assortment of widgets from the internet like: weather (by town), RSS feeds, website pages, clocks, calendars and more.

Integration with Google Apps allows you to change your presentations remotely. If your know how to use PowerPoint, you can have a professional looking digital sign. Simply select one of the 400+ PowerPoint® licensed backgrounds included with the system or download your own, customize the background with your message, schedule by day, time and date range or rotate you messages in a loop. Currently, we offer three versions of the DV4 HD5 series: The DV4 HD5 Micro, the DV4 HD5 Pro (IP streaming model), The DV4 HD5V (the HDMI (video) IN model).