The DV4™H5 Digital Signage System with HTML5 Technology!

Professional Results Made Easy and Affordable!

The DV4 H5 bridges the gap between SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition). It can display SD and HD images and also HD (720p) video.

DV4 H5 Displaying Standard Definition
News Widget with Text Ticker Video System

Displaying News Widget and Text Ticker

DV4 H5 Displaying High Definition
Displaying Clock Widget and RSS feed as a Crawl

Displaying Clock Widget and RSS feed as a Crawl

Now anyone who can use PowerPoint can be a master producer of the DV4 H5 presentation system. And the system comes with more than 400+ PowerPoint backgrounds for your use.

The DV4 H5 is a powerful communications tool that lets you schedule and display high impact video, stills, PowerPoint's, and HTML5 Widgets over local and remote Standard Definition or High Definition TV screens. Video outputs include, HDMI for High Definition playback or AV composite video with stereo audio for standard definition playback. It is perfect for: Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Senior Care, Condos, Schools, Government & Corporate Offices, Cable Companies and more! Simply add your media, schedule and export your presentation to the DV4 H5

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