Schools, Colleges, Universities, Other Institutional Users

The Video Messenger VM4 HD


Video Messenger's VM4 HD Electronic Bulletin Boards are being used by school systems, colleges, universities, Federal and State facilities. This is the simplest way ever invented for creating an information channel. The optional multimedia package allows you to show stills and video with your text messages (see system detail). Some of our customers include University of Mass., Amherst, University of Texas at Arlington, University Of Wisconsin-Extension, Danbury High School, Ct, Tuckahoe High School, NY, Federal Bureau of Prisons, State Prisons, the INS, and State and Local government offices throughout the US and Canada .

Cable companies have been providing Video Messengers and direct access to their systems for our educational customers. This access allows educational institutions to directly input school information onto a community service channel from a remote location. School systems should ask their cable providers if they can help them set up this type of system.

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