VM4 HD Character Generator & Multimedia Player

The Video Messenger VM-4 HD is an affordable and easy to use HD messaging system designed for the broadcast and non-broadcast markets

The VM4 HD™ Video Messenger A High Definition Video Messaging System That is Packed With Features Now you can easily add text over on board HD & SD video or external HD & SD content!

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The VM4 HD offers advanced features such as:

  • VM4 Pro Multimedia Player
  • Scheduling by time/day/date
  • CD with Interface Software and 400+ backgrounds
  • Access by LAN or WEB (Network Ready)
  • 4 GB USB Flash Drive
  • 90 day free phone support
  • Free weekly training webinars
  • One year warranty (parts & labor)
This means you can add text over thousands of images & videos. You can also add text to external HD or SD video content. Layout your digital sign using dozens of available templates and schedule external video content or on-board media by time, day and date Finally, add text using fonts types, size and color by character. Remotely control the VM4 HD using your LAN or the world wide web.

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The Video Messenger VM4 is an affordable and easy to use HD messaging system designed for the broadcast and non-broadcast market. This leading edge solution enables you to transform your digital television systems into powerful multimedia communication displays. Text messages, crawls, images, and more can simply be created and scheduled to play in one or multiple locations. Its solid-state platform is designed to reliably deliver your multimedia messages and is easy to remotely manage and expand for growth. From basic crawls over external SD or HD video, to full multimedia presentations in multiple locations, the VM4 enables you to provide professional multimedia results at a breakthrough price.

Basic Install  System Details

What is a character generator?

A character generator allows the user to superimpose text over images, video or external video content without altering or editing the original image or video. The VM4's interface does not require the user to have a knowledge of any other programs like PowerPoint®, Photoshop, or a video editing package to overlay text over these kinds of media. The addition of text is done real time inside the VM4 HD as it plays. The user interface controls what and when text/media presentations are displayed.

The New VM4 HD

Finally and HD Character Generator at a reasonable price!
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Key Benefits of The Video Messenger VM-4:

  • A private television video channel for all your communication needs...
  • Total message control: time, date, font, color, size, and more...
  • Solid-state reliability no hard drives or optical drives...
  • Proven track record with thousands of installations...
  • Cost-effective and practical communications solution...
  • More...